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Reviewed On: (17/09/2014)
(1 Reviews)
The people at Debut Infotech are very helpful, responsive and skilled. They helped me tremendously for my website design. I'm a happy customer!
Reviewed On: (09/09/2014)
(2 Reviews)
Great team of professionals who did an excellent job on our project. Our project started as a simple Phone app but quickly morphed into a complex multi-platform product. Techahead was nimble enough to adapt and had the depth and breadth of expertise to pull it off impeccably. Highly recommended for any Tech Start-up out there. We would definitely work with them for our future projects.
Reviewed On: (04/09/2014)
(2 Reviews)
TechAhead provided me, a first time App Developer in the United States with the expertise and educational guidance that assured the successful placement on Apple iTunes and Google Play of Outcome Genii, a mental health App I designed to defuse interpersonal conflict that can lead to aggression. TechAhead's team showed strength in the very important area of communication and the ability to be patient in providing me encouragement and support while I struggled to understand the complexities in...
Reviewed On: (26/08/2014)
(1 Reviews)
We enjoy working with Matrid. Each and every hurdle we come across they address efficiently and quickly. Always exceed our expectations. The service support level and commitment I get from Matrid Technologies is unmatched. Work of Matrid is really recommendable for the companies looking for reliable and committed technology outsourcing partner. Cost effective pricing is an added advantage. – ,
Reviewed On: (25/08/2014)
(14 Reviews)
Very nice and friendly people to work with. They are always willing to help with anything. They always strive to deliver beyond your expectations. Down to earth team.