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Creative, Innovative, Fun
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Reviewed On: (25/02/2015)
(2 Reviews)
Creatuity never hesitated to give me proactive solutions, they built a very fast, stable website, and I've ranked incredibly well in Google ever since they relaunched my site on Magento. They were the most cost effective solution, too - so many other companies had minimums as high as $100,000, but Creatuity was able to launch my site for significantly less than that, and was incredibly fair.
Reviewed On: (18/02/2015)
(5 Reviews)
My Health-Fitness Application had to be dealt with utmost diligence and competence as it had a competition with leading businesses in the world. I was looking for a team who can deliver quality – with best of technology support. Octal fulfilled all my wishes with a solution that exceeds my expectations.
Reviewed On: (17/02/2015)
(5 Reviews)
I am so impressed with the team. They serve you the way you prefer and keep you in the loop of everything, happened or planned. Their experience working with different plans in different conditions helps you bring your idea alive in every sense.
Reviewed On: (12/02/2015)
(5 Reviews)
These guys know how to cater to a start-up. They have a keen eye for details and have extensive knowledge of technology verticals in both web and mobile. I am glad with the response I have received with every milestone of my project completing in time.
Reviewed On: (12/02/2015)
(5 Reviews)
In my 20 years of career, I worked with many software consultants and providers. I believe Octal Info Solution is unmatched so far. They truly turn ideas into reality with proficient approach and amazing throughput of resources. Highly dependable with their words. Superb coordination. Always a great team to work with!