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The Complete Mobile and W
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Many Ideas - One Reliable
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Creative, Innovative, Fun
(5 Reviews)
Reviewed On: (19/01/2015)
(2 Reviews)
Awesome Expereince with Algoworks Technologies!! The engineers at Algoworks offered me with complete scalable solution for my Enterprise. Within stringent timeline they offered me fully customized solution for my business. Besties!!
Reviewed On: (14/01/2015)
(2 Reviews)
The overall performance of the company was excellent. Not only did they helped me develop the product they even helped me in streamline my sales and marketing efforts. The project managers handling my case were very responsive and even directors showed initiative in managing the project.
Reviewed On: (08/01/2015)
(2 Reviews)
Overall, ChromeInfo Technologies is a good technology offshore partner with high integrity, good technical expertise and I would love to work with them again.
Reviewed On: (26/12/2014)
(1 Reviews)
We knew about India's first level in software development and we were pleased to prove that with our experience with Riktam. All of the process was friendly and professional, with a very accurate team for scheduling, programming and testing. Every step of the process was properly consulted with us as clients and many of the good features of our app were suggestions of the team at Riktam.
Reviewed On: (23/12/2014)
(5 Reviews)
I am a returning client of Appostrophic. I have worked with them previously as well for a game app and now working again for an app of my own restaurant. So far i like their design approach. We are now in the final mode of development. Lets see how it turns out!